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Strengthening & Softening Coconut & Hibiscus Nourishing Hair Oil

Rs. 1,200

Every girl secretly nurtures the fantasy of driving in an open-top car with music bursting loud and her hair flying in the wind. All girls love their hair and for this love for perfect hair, we have for you our 100% organic Strengthening & Softening Coconut & Hibiscus Nourishing Hair Oil. Coconut oil promotes the health of the scalp by treating all head and hair related problems and Hibiscus promotes healthy hair growth.

Perfect For

  • Scalp Dryness
  • Hair Strengthening
  • Detangling and Softening

Key Ingredients


Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by reaching deep into the hair follicles and treating the hair from the roots, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It keeps the scalp healthy by fighting against insect bites, lice and dandruff. It also nourishes dry hair as well as dry, flaky scalp. It also prevents hair loss by preventing hair breakage and split-ends.


Hibiscus is a strong fighter against thinning hair. Its rich vitamin C content helps in building collagen that keeps your hair healthy and the rich amino acids nourish and strengthen the roots. Hibiscus is also a partner to coconut for preventing hair breakage owing to dandruff, split-ends, dryness and frizziness.

How To Use?

Take a small amount of oil and rub between palms to warm oil.

Then apply on the scalp and massage in circular motions.

You can also coat your hair with oil from roots to tips.

Gently massage your scalp for a relaxing and calming effect.

Leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight.

Gently pat your face dry.

Do not rub or scrub your face harshly.

When To Use?

Release the tension in your head with a soothing oil massage with this healing and nourishing combination of coconut & Hibiscus.

It is also works on hair strengthening, detangling and softening.

The Happy Skin Promise

Plants and herbs have been a part of Indian tradition for centuries, with ancient systems highlighting their healing, moisturizing and restorative properties. At Love Organically, we've made the journey from plant to the product, unlocking the miraculous properties of these green wonders along the way. The perfect synergy of ancient, time-honoured rituals and modern science has armed us with the power to make a real difference in the skincare world. Together with our super-ingredients, expert panellists and strong resolve to stay away from all things harsh, we aim to make skincare a worry-free ritual for mom everywhere.

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