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Sleep Tight Body Wash → Relaxing & Calming Lavender

Rs. 950

Showering is a ritual that we practice every day, not just to wash our body and clean off the dirt but also to relax our mind and spend a few minutes with ourselves. But what’s better than using a body wash that not only cleans your body but also helps you to de-stress. So get in the shower with our 100% natural, Relaxing & Calming Lavender Sleep Tight Body Wash and let the lavender calm your nerves and give you an instant mood lift.

Perfect For

  • Pre – Bedtime Use
  • Relaxing and Calming
  • Long and Restful Sleep

Key Ingredients

The Super Ingredient: Lavender

Lavender fields are mesmerising to look at and its scent alone is enough to transport us to a magical place. It is also considered to be a superstar in medicinal and herbal products for its relaxing and calming properties. Being wrapped in the aroma of lavender relaxes your body, calms your nerves and de-stresses you. It also uplifts and stabilises your mood and helps you to sleep better. Lavender aromatherapy is also known to reduce anxiety and depression.

How To Use?

Take a small quantity of body wash and apply on your entire body from neck to toes with your fingertips or a washcloth, in a gentle circular motion.

Rinse off and use a soft towel to pat dry.

For maximum benefit, wrap your body with the Relaxing & Calming Lavender Sleep Tight Body Lotion after the shower.

When To Use?

Indulging in a daily shower with the relaxing and calming properties of lavender can instantly de-stress you and uplift your mood.

You can also use it before bedtime to soothe your body, let its aroma calm your mind and improve your sleep.

The Happy Skin Promise

Plants and herbs have been a part of Indian tradition for centuries, with ancient systems highlighting their healing, moisturizing and restorative properties. At Love Organically, we've made the journey from plant to the product, unlocking the miraculous properties of these green wonders along the way. The perfect synergy of ancient, time-honoured rituals and modern science has armed us with the power to make a real difference in the skincare world. Together with our super-ingredients, expert panellists and strong resolve to stay away from all things harsh, we aim to make skincare a worry-free ritual.

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