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A rich history accompanies almost any establishment or brand. And I’m sure you’d want to know how Love Organically was born. We’ve been taking baby steps and are elated to share them with you.

Love Organically was born purely because my little Vansh had multiple skin issues, and like any mother would react, I started to look for remedies that would soothe his delicate skin.
All of them were Ayurvedic, organic, naturally occurring and guided by the wisdom of my nani, dadi, mother-in-law, my mother and several aunts.
All the hours of research and numerous try-outs later Love Organically came into existence.

It can be described as the perfect concoction of a mother’s unconditional love and the goodness of nature, all packed into one!

Yes, I did mention research & numerous try-outs! And there were a host of them. To begin with, coming from a family that has always taken the naturopathy route, I began to vigorously read up the benefits that natural ingredients bear. Right from neem water, honey to hibiscus flower paste. You would find me reading late at night, in the car, some days even over lunch.
I would order in products from all over the world to see if they were making a difference to Vansh’s skin. Even though some did have the desired effect it was difficult to constantly source them from across the globe. A whole bunch of others contained a host of chemicals that were better avoided.

This only motivated me to experiment with a large number of natural ingredients and portions that were passed down by generations in the family. The results on my little one’s skin were almost instantaneous. I then started recommending them to friends and family. Having seeing that the products were working well, they requested me to send across another round, offered me feedback that only helped me grow in mainly two ways– grow to become more confident and grow into my own label. I then went on to study formulations at the Botanical Institution in UK, that only cemented my strong will to start something of my own.

This entire learning process, urged me to read, research and absorb the knowledge of several Natural Preservatives and drove me to read close to 350 articles over the course of 5 months.

Setting a record of sorts for myself.
It was only after 2 years of product research and development, discussions with Ayurvedic doctors and many naturopaths that we hit a home run!

Our first product took six months, over three dozen formulations, and 12 prototypes, but there finally was success!

A feeling I am often at a loss of words to describe.

You’d definitely want to know what sets us apart from products available in the market, right?

Well, Love Organically is nothing but Natural. Fresh. Organic.

Each ingredient used has a special functionality; some hydrate your little one’s delicate skin, some pamper, some help them sleep better ,while others make them feel one with nature. Each product is crafted with a specific purpose, besides the healing properties, they also carry soft fragrances that transport you right into nature’s lap.

Backed by research, I’ve learned that on an average when you apply a single moisturizer or shampoo coupled with any oil, you are exposing your child’s skin to about 500 chemicals.

Love Organically ensures this doesn’t happen to you ever again!

Bathing your little ones is an experience in itself for a mum, Love Organically is here to ensure every time is memorable. You leave the bathroom feeling as fresh and rejuvenated as your little one.

We are making you a Happy Skin Promise!

Do check out the range of products we have and we’d love to hear which are your favorites too!

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