From Produce To Product

When we talk about synergy, it includes being in tune with every detail – small or big. Whether it’s the health of the soil, the parts of the plant, the farmers’ role rather bottling and packaging process, every element matters. It’s an art, a science and an emotion – getting the best essential oils, plant extracts and nut butters from nature’s hands into yours. With careful planning and clever technology, we make sure that only the best reaches you.

Partnering with nature 1

Partnering with nature

We work with organic farm owners across the country to source the perfect ingredients at fair prices.

Harvesting Love 2

Harvesting Love

Depending on the season and harvest, ingredients are extracted with utmost care and focus on quality.

Kind Processing3

Kind Processing

Every ingredient is lovingly put together in the right amounts and put through a series of safe and cruelty-free quality tests, vetted by an expert.

Green Screening 4

Green Screening

Our experts screen each ingredient that goes into every product before carefully storing and using them.

Mindful Packaging 5

Mindful Packaging

Once we’re satisfied with the quality and ingredients, our environment-friendly packaging is ready to store your dose of natural, organic skincare.

Delivering Love.. Organically 6

Delivering Love.. Organically

Our carefully crafted bottles of innocent skin nutrition are delivered to you at your doorstep free of cost and full of love.