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The beautiful white mogra flower with its sensual, exotic, musky and zesty aroma is unarguably the best natural aphrodisiac. No wonder Indian brides are adorned with oodles and oodles of these flowers during their wedding and post-wedding celebrations! This aromatic flower lives up to its name that translates to ‘A Gift from God’ with its plethora of medicinal uses. In earlier centuries, Egyptians and Greeks used this as aromatherapy, an aphrodisiac as well as a stimulant. Our ancestors utilized its paste for healing sores and scars. Chinese people used jasmine to flavor their teas.
Used across cultures for hundreds of years, this aromatic flower is known to both relax and uplift with its hydrating and restorative properties. In addition to its stimulating fragrance, a variety of active chemical components provide antioxidants and natural moisture that keep skin healthy, hydrated and soft. Our Mogra Range is curated with Pure Essential Oil of Mogra flowers, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe vera juice, Coconut derivates, Hemidesmus indicus extract, purified H2O, Haritaki extract to give you healthy & glowing skin.

• Protects natural skin moisture
• Prevents dryness
• Leaves you with an upbeat feeling
• Leaves you with a natural perfume on the body
• Perfect for Indulgent Baths & Showers
• Skin Hydration & Brightness
• Soft & Glowing Skin
• Great for makeup removals

Our indulgent Mogra range is specially crafted from Mother Nature for magical moms so that they can shine and glow as they take on a brand-new day. Love Organically products do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, Paraffin, GMOs, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Silicon or any other harmful chemicals.
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