How does monsoon affect your skin?

So, you thought your skin will feel better once the scorching summer heat has passed? It isn’t that easy. While monsoon makes everything greener and cooler, it does just the opposite to our skin.

It’s high time your plan for skincare in monsoon should be firmly in place. There are many skin-related issues we are bound to face like acne, skin allergies, and dryness just to name a few!

When it rains constantly, our skin keeps fluctuating from being oily to dry. When it becomes too humid, your skin generally becomes prone to excessive oil and sweat. If you don’t wash your face regularly, the oil in the pores becomes a perfect magnet attracting dust, dirt, and bacteria. Don’t be surprised if an outbreak of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples follow. People with oily skin should be even more careful when it comes to their skin.

When you go out often, the humidity immensely encourages the growth of the various bacteria and fungi. If you get drenched in the rain or wear wet clothes and shoes for a long time. This causes the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on your skin. During monsoon, you must ensure that you keep your body dry. If you wear fabrics such as cotton, it helps wick away moisture so that your skin does not get sweaty. It’s essential that you immediately bathe and change your clothes after you exercise.

Humidity-laden air is your worst enemy, your skin loses its glow and your hair looks devoid of the natural shine. Expect the build-up of gunk and sticky residue in this weather as it mixes with the pollution in your surroundings.

At Love Organically we have crafted a varied range of products to help you solve a multitude of skin related problems naturally. We are aware of the fact that there is no one single product that solves all your skin related problems. Hence, we have diversified our products to target specific skin issues.

The best approach to skincare in monsoon for you is the holistic one. You start with working on your diet, then a daily skincare routine, and make the best of what nature has to offer during this captivating season. This ensures that you are in the pink of health and enjoy a day out in the sun as much as a rainy day.



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