Organic skincare? Why not Rakhis too!

With the Indian festival season right around the corner, the festivities are only about to begin. The first of the festivals is Raksha Bandhan which will be celebrated on 15th August. The term, Raksha Bandhan, translates to ‘Protection Bond’, which signifies the promise to protect.  We believe that this concept should also be adhered by all of us not only when it comes to brothers and sister; but also when it comes to Mother Nature. This year, we want to do our bit by giving back to nature hence, we have collaborated with the great folks at the Gram Art Project.

They are a group of farmers, artists, women, makers, people of different ideas and diverse identities. Their ideas and unique identity are what that connects them all, making them a collective. The village from which they mainly operate from is called Paradsinga, which is situated in Sausar Tehsil of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Unfortunately, their village just like any other Indian village is undergoing migration, people there are aspiring for jobs to escape the poverty-ridden circle of agriculture, patriarchy, and people still trying to stick to their traditions & superstitions & religious beliefs.

On the other hand, the sheer number of women in their workforce is an uplifting fact and great when it terms of women empowerment in the country overall.  If more and more women participate actively in economic activities and are able to make decisions themselves, this will lead towards overall economic development. The empowerment of women will only result in the overall development of society both at the micro and macro level.

With this journey in the backdrop, they are trying to build a collective consciousness around understanding this journey, repercussions of it, the vitalities and the trivialities of it. Their expression comes out through their relentless work and artworks. Sometimes these artworks take the form of land arts, sometimes they take the form of yarn artifacts made from the non-GM (Genetically Modified) IPR-free (Intellectual Property Rights) non-hybrid indigenous cotton they grow. These expressions also take the form of plantable seed papers and eatable artifacts made from the organic produce from their farms.

For them, art is not just a professional practice, but a way of expressing themselves in the ways they find meaningful about the things they encounter while living a rural life in Paradsinga. All in all the Gram Art Project is a collective space for them to express their concerns about the environment and sustainability as they are a live part of an average Indian village lifestyle. They want to execute their vision in ways which are socially and ecologically non-exploitative.

In many ways, our values when it comes to Mother Nature align with the vision they are trying to execute hence our esteemed collaboration.  This year we have specially collaborated with them and will be featuring their eco-friendly rakhi. We are not charging any additional cost for the same, simply because we need you, the customers of Love Organically both old and new to lend your support for this great cause. This Raksha Bandhan plant the seed of a bond that will grow stronger every year, plant something which will never be lost. The gift boxes are available on our website, so what are you waiting for? SHOP NOW!



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