Our Pure Honey Range - Pamper with Love!

For centuries, Honey has remained an integral part of our lifestyle. This nutritious powerhouse has been used in skincare for over 5000 years to moisturize and rejuvenate. Ayurvedic texts describe honey as having medicinal properties that retain and balance moisture while providing antioxidants. This natural humectant Honey is a great work great on our skin just like the real honey.

Every dollop of our honey range is filled with the moisturizing goodness of super fruit and herb extracts like haritaki andmanjistha, along with pure honey, Aloe Vera and nut butter to create skin solutions that envelope you in goodness. Suited for all skin types and loved by all age groups, our honey range consists of Pure Honey & Nut Butter Lotion and Pure Honey Body Wash.  The fragrance of the honey body wash is orangey & zesty and is loved by all. It is designed to nourish, moisturize and pamper your skin in a soft and effective way. Our honey body lotion glides onto your skin to make it soft and maintains the skin balance so that you feel lovely all-day long! The fragrance of this lotion is more caramel infused and it provides moisturization all day long!


- A Sweet Moisturizing Routine for you & your little ones

- Cleanses & Moisturizes

- Keeps your skin hydrated and soft all day long

- nourishes and detoxifies skin in a soft and effective way

- Suitable for all skin types

- Provides healthy skin nourishment

Every dollop of this great humectant’s range is filled with moisturizing goodness making you feel lovely all day long. Indulge in our honey range and get your daily dose of pampering. Love Organically products do not contain Parabens, Sulphates, Paraffin, GMOs, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Silicon or any other harmful chemicals.




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