The most important thing about haircare you need to know!

Whether you decide to start consuming coconut oil, swishing it around your mouth or topically applying it to your hair and skin, coconut oil is something you need in your home. One of the most significant applications of coconut oil is for your hair, whether it be to intensely moisturize and condition, to stimulate more rapid growth, detangle, defeat dandruff and more. Using the invaluable wisdom of preceding generations, Coconut Oil has been recognized as one of the best natural ingredients for hair care for many years and is used as a treatment on a regular basis. 

Our ‘Shine’ range brings together organic, nourishing oils with extracts of fresh hibiscus flowers that are not only safe and effective but entirely 100% natural to use for your little one too. 

Coconut oil is known to stimulate hair growth by getting deep into the hair follicles. It keeps the scalp healthy that is very important right from a young age. Coconut oil adds luster and softness to the hair and that being one of the prime reasons it is highly recommended by everybody for your baby. It is equally known to prevent hair breakage and split ends.
Hibiscus, on the other handboosts hair growth as it is rich in Vitamin C that boosts collagen responsible for hair strength! It is also known to stimulate regrowth and adds to your hair volume. It keeps your hair nourished and hydrated.

Let the little ones experience the cooling benefits and gentle cleansing properties of coconut and hibiscus for a gorgeous head of healthy hair. Lush, shiny, manageable and healthy hair can be yours, with our Coconut & Hibiscus Nourishing Hair Oil! 



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