Your guide to amazing skin pre & post holi!

Holi is undoubtedly the most vibrant and colorful festival in the world. While it is celebrated with dry synthetic colours and buckets of water, the After effects are dreadful. They not only cause discomfort to our skin, hair, eyes but also can be hazardous to our health. Perhaps why a little precaution goes a long way. The festival of colors is here, knocking at our doorsteps. While the festival of colours and joy makes us all happy, the aftermath makes our skin and hair cry out for help.  As you get ready to have all the fun, make sure to follow these pre & post-Holi skin care tips before the color game begins! Here are few tips to help you up your skincare game this Holi:

PRE HOLI: Before you head out to play Holi, make sure you guard your skin with products that will help you lessen the damage. Since your skin will be exposed to other external factors apart from colours.

  1. Moisturizing: Just after your morning shower, slather your skin with a generous amount of moisturizer everywhere on your body, particularly behind your ears and ear flaps as these are regions one will in general disregard. This will not only provide nourishment to your body but will also protect your skin from the aftermath of colors. Love Organically moisturizers are curated with natural ingredients, nut butter and essential oils that infuse your skin with hydrating, moisturizing & nourishing natural super-ingredients that leave your skin healthier & happy!
  2. Hair Oiling: Apply our coconut & hibiscus oil to your hair about an hour before you play Holi, to maximize the penetration of the oil into the scalp. Oil prevents the colour from settling down into your hair making it easier to remove later on. It also acts as a shield by providing protection from chemicals and dirt. It can help in preventing your hair from becoming dry and frizzy due to prolonged exposure to colours and the sun.
  3. Oil your skin: Who said you can only oil your hair? Oiling your skin with organic essential oils are a great way to restore the natural texture of your skin. Essential oils also have miraculous effects on treating acne and other severe skin allergies that are caused due to harsh colours. The super-ingredients in our essential oils are light and get easily absorbed in your skin/hair to act as a protective layer for your skin

POST HOLI: Getting the colours out of the skin possibly makes for the worst memories of our Holi celebrations. But with natural and safe ways, it may not be that bad an experience. Here are some tips you must ensure when following the post-Holi skin care rituals.

  1. Use oil to remove colors: Essential oils with Vitamin E is great for your skin. Use a cotton ball, dab our Mogra Luminous bath oil to gently wipe off the color on your skin after Holi.
  2. Cleansing: If the colours used to play Holi are loaded with chemicals, they can be quite harsh and difficult to come off from the skin, especially the face since the skin here is more delicate and you cannot rub it off too vigorously. Use our organic body washes that are truly gentle and effective to cleanse. Our body washes are expertly crafted with 100% natural ingredients & essential oils that are suitable for all skin types. They tend to be much gentler on the skin & very ideal for children too.
  3. Moisturizing: Before going to sleep at night, apply our  Pure Honey & Nut Butter Body Lotion on your face. The harsh colors tend to take away the moisture from your skin and leave it feeling dry and patchy. Our pure honey lotion will ensure that your skin is well hydrated while you sleep. Wake up with a healthy & hydrated skin the next day!
These simple yet effective skincare routines, if followed properly can keep your skin problem free even after Holi. Don’t let the fear of skin troubles bother you any longer! Colour your skin with 100% natural award-winning products. Shop now:


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