Your ultimate guide to healthy skin hydration!

The arrival of winter means - a change in weather, a change in wardrobe and of course, a change in our skincare routine. During these months, our skin tends to get dry, itchy and dull due to lack of moisture. The skin tends to get dry and flaky very easily. So it is very important to opt for a good moisturizing body routine that provides a boost of hydration & moisturization to your skin. Though moisturizing & hydrating is a year-round beauty staple, in winter it becomes one of the most crucial steps in combating dry skin. Moisturizing helps keep your skin healthy hydrated & moisturized. There are many ways to combat the causes of dry winter skin and keep your skin feeling soft and supple all season long. It is important that you take the right measures when it comes to using skincare products.  

Our Happy Skin Range infuses your skin with layers of hydrating, moisturizing & nourishing ingredients that leave your skin healthier & happy all winter long. Here's a list of our star moisturizers that are suitable for all skin types: 

  1. Mogra Luminous Glow Body Moisturizer: 
    Hydrates, softens & gives a glow to your dull & dry skin
  2. Neem & calendula Miracle Body Butter:
    Works as a miracle on sensitive, dry & eczema prone skin

  3. Pure Honey & Nut Butter Body Lotion:
    Glides onto the skin to provide smooth skin whilst keeping it hydrated and moisturized all day long


  4. Lavender sleep tight body lotion:
    Moisturize & Hydrate your skin during the night for soft & supple skin

With a promise to use only the best natural and organic ingredients sourced from farms across the country, Love Organically is the country’s first range of organic skincare products for little ones and their families that have:

  1. No Parabens
  2. No Sulphates
  3. No Paraffin
  4. No GMOs
  5. No Phthalates
  6. No Mineral Oil
  7. No Silicon
  8. No harmful chemicals.

Shop our Happy Skin range and stay #HappilyHydrated with Love Organically:


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