Be your own Valentine – Love your skin, unconditionally!

With Valentine’s Day upon us, everything this time of the year is about love! But if the traditional celebrations (red roses, romantic dinners & over the top social media love declarations) are not exactly your thing, it’s time to indulge in some serious self – love this year.

Treat yourself to everything that calms you, relaxes you, everything that makes you feel a little pampered. And there is no better indulgence that soaking in the tub with scented candles or a relaxing massage! We bet you’d agree too!

If you are considering giving yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day gift, we (not-so-subtly) would suggest you pick up a beautiful range of skin care products from Love Organically and fall in love with your natural skin, all over again!

It’s time to Go Natural.

Don’t just aim at covering up your skin – instead, enhance it, with the beautiful offerings of Mother Nature. Our Sleep with Love – Lavendar range not only soothes the skin but helps you get the beauty sleep you very much deserve! 
Or if you are in the mood to show off that glow, we highly recommend our Mogra range.
There’s also something for those that want a little bit of pampering and a whole lot of shine – go for our Pure Honey range. We’d be damned if you were disappointed.

There is also a little something for those of you looking to treat your skin right and nourish it with the love that’s necessary, we’ve got our Geranium & Grape seed massage oil – because nothing says self- love better than a relaxing massage.

We believe, when you truly love your skin, it evidently shows.

So this Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself without guilt. Shower yourself with a skin care range that lasts a lot longer than all the mushiness that surrounds Valentine’s Day.

It’s simply time to Love Organically. Live Organically.

PS: Our range of simple yet significant products, make excellent gifts for your girl friends too – the Valentines that have been there through thick and thin!

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