Hello Winter!

It’s the season when temperatures drop and so does the moisture levels in your skin. Winter doesn’t scare you or your little one. But what are the effective steps you have been taking to hydrate your skin this season?
Have you changed your skincare regime?

Have you indulged in the right body butter & essential oils?

Have you made the switch to organic products?

If the answer to all the above is no, you need to start right away!!

Your baby’s & your skin is decidedly more vulnerable to all sorts of damage when the air outside is cold & dry. The layer that protects the skin from moisture loss, is more easily compromised.
The obvious question here is what are the best practices to ensure you feed your skin with the best nutrition at this time?

Here’s something for you to go on with:

(1) Switch to the nourishment that organic products provide.
      Available today is a massive range of skincare products, but the number of chemicals packed inside a tiny bottle will surprise you. This is where Mother Nature comes to the rescue, yet again! Organic products are both safe for the baby and you. They provide the necessary skin nutrition without causing any damage to your skin in the long run. Make the switch today!
Happy skin tip: Make sure the organic products you pick out contain Neem, Calendula, honey, coconut, lavender etc. They’re the army that will guard your skin best!

(2) The introduction of body butter & essential oils
They are prime warriors for your skin during winter. To restore moisture & hydrate your skin effectively, it’s important you chose body butters and essential oils with the right combinations. One such winning combination is Neem and calendula. Read more about them as you proceed

(3) Reduce bath time
Contrary to what it seems like, water can have a drying effect on the skin. This is mainly because it washes off the natural oils of the skin. And surprisingly more so when you use warm or hot water for bathing. Lukewarm water is the best. For your baby & you. Make sure you use body washes or soaps that are natural, organic and focus on hydration.
Happy Skin Tip: You can add a few drops of baby oil to the bathing water so that the skin gets moisturized as you wash it too.

(4) Your superheroes – Neem & Calendula
Both Neem & Calendula are your very own Anti Inflammatory & Antiviral Herbs that heel, moisturize and soothe the skin. They provide your baby and you with superior skin nutrition that’s long-lasting. A combination of both is a must have moisturizing agent that will help you sail through the harshness of winter!
We’ve obviously saved the best for last – The good news is Love Organically has a nourishing miracle body butter and body wash in this winning combination! Suited for your baby and your skin.

Say goodbye to the harshness of winter – That’s our Happy Skin Promise!

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