Hey there all you lovely mommies!

I think it’s safe to say that being a mom means, there are days when it’s like standing on the stage receiving that Miss Universe crown and on some occasions it almost feels like Simran from DDLJ with a slight twist here, you’ve missed the train!!

No guilt there!

But, I think an opportunity to voice it and have other mums hack it out with you makes you feel less ‘alone’ in this adventure. Sharing some advice, swapping the good and bad stories, sharing a picture or two – it’s a package I definitely wouldn’t refuse!
If I had to describe my motherhood journey so far, it would certainly be challenging, satisfying and comforting all rolled into one!
It’s been a roller-coaster ride, one moment you have yourself rolling with laughter at a funny response by your child and the other you are just standing there with a puzzled or surprised expression.

I’ve learned that decision-making is an attribute you put to use every minute. It starts with the menu for the day – the kids want fries, you bargain with veggies; you strike a deal with them for minimum TV time in exchange for a toy they want.

Choosing the right products for their skin often requires a great deal of research too. The latest one for me is narrowing down on just the right amount of TV/Ipad time. I’d pick doodling in a book all day over playing one of those racing games on the tablet. And, low and behold the mighty summer holidays – how do you keep them occupied? This time, I’ve taken to small craft projects like vegetable paintings, DIY stuff for their rooms. You could try it out, it’s fun and keeps them productively occupied.

Everyday is an adventure.

However, the good news: we are not alone.

For me encouraging my little ones to experience things I enjoyed as a child is essential.  A day at the beach building miniature sand castles or simply planting saplings in the garden. Visits to our village Latur are most fulfilling to see how much the kids enjoy in the fields or take a ride on the tractor with Dhiraj. I must admit, it does secretly makes me super proud when I hear their Aaji tell them-  That’s exactly what your Daddy used to do when he was a little child. I’m still trying to strike that perfect balance between being a moderately strict mum and one that spoils them! If I ever master that, I will write a book! (hopefully, considering I’m more of a short story person)

My two little ones are pretty fun little people. They’re creative, they’ve got killer imaginations, and my husband& I are always impressed by how much they can make us laugh. It gets me so worried sometimes to think of the tons of things out in the world that would unknowingly harm the kids and so we have to constantly stand guard with all our mommy knowledge and armored with elderly advice. But it’s reassuring to know we are a fraternity of our own and I’d love to connect with as many of you as possible. Our stories are unique and deserved to be celebrated.

No one can contest the LOVE a mom has for her children and we are here to celebrate just that!

Looking forward to hearing your very own stories from the mommy diaries too.

Spread love always!



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