With Love, Lavender

Beauty sleep – It isn’t made up, it’s as real as the winter that’s just around the corner!
You need it, your baby needs it, basically everyone does. But what are you doing to ensure you and your baby get that perfect beauty sleep?

Consciously, not much we assume! Well here is a very interacting fact – Skincare products that you use can affect yours and your baby’s beauty sleep!
Yes, you’ve heard this one right. And that’s the reason we are bringing you something new.
Introducing you to Ms. Lovely Lavender!
Lavender however, doesn’t need too much of an introduction, it’s probably the most soothing scent any one of us has ever come to experience. It’s been on the skincare market for centuries. We automatically assume it’s because of its fragrance. While that may be Lavender’s strongest attribute, not too many of us are aware of its wonderful benefits when added to a daily skincare regime.
Lavender bears:
A) Healing properties: It is a natural herb that can heal and soothe wounds/itchy skin when used in the form of an oil or a bath product.

B) Detoxifies the Skin: Taking a shower and bathing your little one with Lavender based natural and organic products is the best way to detoxify the skin. 100% safe. Transporting you and your baby right into nature’s lap, with a sweet fragrance that sets you up for some bedtime snuggles.

C) Promotes Relaxation: A lesser known fact about lavender, it plays a vital roll in treating tired muscles and its scent not only promotes relaxation but also a good mood.
What better time to use it than just before you and your little one go to bed!

If you have already made up your mind to introduce Lavender into your skincare regime, you need not look any further.
Love Organically has a beautiful Sleep with Love Lavender Range that consists of Lavender essential oil, a body wash and a moisturizing lotion.
The perfect trio for perfect beauty sleep with soft snuggles – that’s our Happy Skin Promise!

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