Let them Shine! (It’s Hair we’re talking about)

Haircare: A ritual that has been passed down for generations in the family. Right from your great Grandmom to your mom and now you.
It started with the use of Ayurveda and everything natural by your great Grandmom, but evolution and advancement of hair care products have led to bottles full of chemicals on bathroom shelves that you use to maintain and nourish yours and your baby’s hair too. But, it is now time for things to come to a full circle – the switch to natural and organic products is inevitable if you are looking out for long-term protection and nourishment for your hair.

Mothers are very mindful of the products they pick out for their children. The chemical composition, safety, and gentleness are the top priority. But have you ever considered products that you can use for yourself that are also safe for your little ones?

We have often carried away with claims of shiner, longer and stronger hair, but neglect the finer details such as the ingredients and chemicals used that can do long-term damage.

This is where Mother Nature comes to our rescue yet again.
She provides us with gems that hide in plain sight. Two such important yet neglected natural ingredients that are vital in nourishing your hair and your little ones are – Coconut and Hibiscus.

Coconut oil is known to stimulate hair growth by getting deep into the hair follicles, it keeps the scalp healthy that is very important right from a young age. Coconut oil adds luster and softness to the hair and that being one of the prime reasons it is highly recommended by everybody for your baby. It is also known to prevent hair breakage and split ends – a problem battled by most.

Hibiscus on the other hand, when infused in oil, boosts hair growth as it is rich in Vitamin C that boosts collagen – the amino acid chain responsible for hair strength! It is also known to stimulate regrowth from dormant follicles and adds to your hair volume. It keeps your hair nourished and hydrated.

Love Organically knows all the hair woes and brings you the perfect infusion of these two-star ingredients that are not only safe but entirely organic to use for your little one too. 

Enjoy our Shine with Love collection – Coconut and Hibiscus Nourishing Hair Oil that will transport you and your baby right into nature’s lap. So add it to your hair care routine and share the transforming results with us!

Our Happy Skin promise: Time to let that hair down and let it bounce!

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