Protect & Soothe your children from mosquitoes!

India is a country where you get a wide range of weather patterns. The weather varies from extreme heat to extreme cold, with monsoons in between. Unfortunately, no matter what the weather is, you will always find mosquito‘s lurking around somewhere. Even dry states like Rajasthan have to deal with this pesky problem. Climate change, rapid urbanization, a growing population and lack of sanitary waste and water disposal are all factors that have allowed mosquitoes to thrive.

A lot of people today still take this issue lightly, it is important to note that mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world. Mosquitoes have the capability to carry and spread disease which in turn leads to millions of deaths every year.  Mosquitoes also are a notorious source of a number of deadly diseases.

When it comes to dealing with mosquito’s a preventive approach is always advised. There isn’t a product yet that deals with this problem naturally which is exactly why we have come with an ideal solution.

Our 100% natural kids safe Mosquito Repellent is ideal to guard children and yourself. It helps to soothe, prevent and protect from all mosquitoes and insects. Arm yourself with lasting protection as the natural oils of Lemongrass and Citronella work their magic to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

This compact product we easily fit your handbag and you can use it in various situations like:

  • Daily before going to school
  • Before playtime in the garden
  • Camping and picnic trips
  • While traveling in the car
  • Outdoor trips
  • Before going to bed at night

Mosquitoes are the smallest yet biggest problem in India. The products that are out there in the market to repel of kill mosquitoes can cause harm because of the presence of harmful chemicals. An all-natural solution was missing and because of our promise we owed it to new and old customers alike to come up with a feasible solution. For this important problem hence the creation of our 100% natural kids safe Mosquito Repellent.

We urge you all to make your health and your skin a top priority and buy this product only on

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