More Power To You

Your first instinct, in fact almost any one’s first instinct when they pick up any product, is to look at its contents (after you look at the expiry date of course!)
You certainly spend a minute or two trying to decipher how a range of differently structured ingredients come together so beautifully to make a unique product that has a special place on your kitchen shelf or your dresser.

I’m sure you won’t be treating any of Love Organically’s bottles can different. 
So, here’s a little you must know about how and from whom we source our ingredients!

For starters, every single ingredient used is locally sourced, nothing’s imported.

Wondering why?

Well, we’ve been an agricultural rich country for decades now. Isn’t it beautiful to know that a bottle on your dresser, that helps you nourish your skin, also helps a farmer inch closer to achieving a new goal.

All credit for planting the seed of empowerment goes to my husband Dhiraj!
Having worked closely with several farmers in Latur (proud to call it our hometown) He has always strongly believed, with agriculture being India’s backbone, we must make farmers self – reliant. And this is just a small step in that direction. 
If they prosper, we prosper.

This being the principle reason, the others that are major contributing factors are also, local produce year on year helps improve the quality of the soil! Our agricultural heroes get a fair price making it a win-win for everybody.

We also become regular vendors to the farmers ensuring a steady flow of income, thus empowering them go on and expand their work, bringing in stability.

This helps us beautifully weave together our want and need to give back as much as we receive.

So the next time you pick up a bottle, you will know, it has been a subconscious or a conscious effort to empower a local farmer.  So join in on the revolution that creates equal economic opportunities and fosters a sustainable environment for all.

More Power to You, Moms!

PS: If you are looking for more information on the regions we pick up specific ingredients and how they help, we will be coming up with that soon. Stay tuned.

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